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Ben Reinking The Developing Doctor Trainees


Residency and Fellowship are times of great personal and professional growth. They are also extremely intense periods of a physician’s career.

Long work hours, sleep deprivation, the emotional drain of dealing with sickness and death, and lack of time for leisure, friends and family all contribute to emotional exhaustion, a feeling of isolation, and low work satisfaction—or burn out.

Fortunately, burnout can be prevented! A close network of family and friends, a positive learning environment, mentorship, stress management skills, and good time management have all been shown to protect against and prevent burnout.

Coaching can help develop these skills!

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach that allows clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Through the use of powerful questioning and assessment tools, clients develop awareness, set goals, and manage personal change.

The process is client driven. Coaches hold the client responsible and accountable.

Ben Reinking The Developing Doctor What is Coaching

What Programs Are Available?

The Developing Doctor offers a 3 month focused coaching program and a 6 month comprehensive coaching program.

3 Month Program

5 Sessions

  • → Finding Direction 
    Initial Session, 2 Hours
  • → Finding Balance
    • 3 Sessions
    • 1 Assessment Tool
    • 2 Client Driven Topics
    • 20-30 Minutes
  • → Finding Fulfillment
    1 Wrap Up Session, 30 Minutes

6 Month Program

10 sessions

  • → Finding Direction:
    Initial Session, 2 Hours
  • → Finding Balance
    • 8 Sessions
    • 2-3 Assessments
    • 360 Interviews
    • 4-6 Client Driven Topics or Coaching Tool Sessions
    • 20-30 Minutes each
  • → Finding Fulfillment
    1 Wrap Up Session, 30 Minutes
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