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Ben Reinking The Developing Doctor Medical Students

Medical Students

Medical students report higher stress, fatigue, and burnout than their peers.

Due to the sheer volume of information taught in medical school, it can be challenging to balance the demands of medical education and still have a personal life. Some consider quitting. Others need help to pick a specialty and may consider non-clinical careers.

Applying to residencies is stressful for many students. A well-written personal statement, strategic program selection, and interview preparation can increase your chances of matching at your top program.

Coaching can help address all of these challenges!

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach that allows clients to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Through the use of powerful questioning and assessment tools, clients develop awareness, set goals, and manage personal change.

The process is client driven. Coaches hold the client responsible and accountable.

Ben Reinking The Developing Doctor What is Coaching

What Programs Are Available?

The Developing Doctor offers 3 and 6 months personal and professional coaching programs:

3 Month Program

5 Sessions

  • → Finding Direction 
    Initial Session, 2 Hours
  • → Finding Balance
    • 3 Sessions
    • 1 Assessment Tool
    • 2 Client Driven Topics
    • 20-30 Minutes
  • → Finding Fulfillment
    1 Wrap Up Session, 30 Minutes

6 Month Program

10 sessions

  • → Finding Direction:
    Initial Session, 2 Hours
  • → Finding Balance
    • 8 Sessions
    • 2-3 Assessments
    • 360 Interviews
    • 4-6 Client Driven Topics or Coaching Tool Sessions
    • 20-30 Minutes each
  • → Finding Fulfillment
    1 Wrap Up Session, 30 Minutes

A comprehensive residency match coaching program is also available. The package includes:

    • Unlimited one-on-one coaching during the application process
    • Personal statement guidance and editing
    • Application editing
    • Interview preparation
Are you worried you don’t belong or that you will fail?

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